Exploring the unknown, together.

Cohere For AI is a non-profit research lab that seeks to solve complex machine learning problems. We support fundamental research that explores the unknown, and are focused on creating more points of entry into machine learning research.

Curiosity-driven collaboration

We are committed to making meaningful progress in machine learning research through open collaboration. We believe that technology is powerful, and empowering different perspectives ensures responsible innovation.

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Fundamental research lab

We contribute to progress in machine learning through fundamental research. We see contributions to traditional conferences and publications in journals as an important part of our work, but also support efforts that go “beyond the research paper” and encourage scientific communication through different mediums.

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Scholars Program

Our Scholars Program provides the opportunity to work alongside some of the best research and engineering expertise in the world — exploring the unknown, together. We have created an open, supportive environment that provides an alternative point of entry into machine learning research.

If you are an aspiring NLP researcher and looking for an opportunity to develop your research skills, your journey starts here.

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Our community

We're not just the usual suspects. Our community is a space where researchers, engineers, linguists, social scientists and lifelong learners connect and collaborate with each other. We come together from all over the world and welcome you whether you are a mentor, dropout, just getting started, PhD, masters, undergraduate, unaffiliated, industry, academic or not really sure. We are excited to support community-driven research and to be shaped by our members' interests.

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Seminar series

There are a lot of seminar series focused on research. Ours focus on people.

We bring together leading researchers and rising stars in the field of machine learning to discuss their research learning journeys. Research is inherently a human endeavor, and this discussion series provides insights from beginning to breakthrough. To stay up to date on upcoming talks, sign up to our mailing list.

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History of For AI

In 2017, a team of friends, classmates, and engineers started a distributed research collaboration, with a focus on creating a medium for early-career AI enthusiasts to engage with experienced researchers – they called it “for.ai.” Two of those co-founding members, Aidan Gomez and Ivan Zhang, later went on to co-found Cohere, and many of the original members went on to do exciting things (pursuing PhDs, working at industry and academic labs).

At the time, For AI was one of the first community-driven research groups to support independent researchers around the world. Today, Cohere is proud to reintroduce For AI as Cohere For AI, a dedicated research lab and community for exploring the unknown, together.

Who we are

Cohere For AI is a registered non-profit, and core to our mission statement is contributing to knowledge in the public domain. We collaborate with researchers from private and public institutions, as well as independent researchers unaffiliated with an institution.

We are committed to open sourcing code from our fellowship and computer grant programs, and promoting good stewardship of open source scientific practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do we charge for our educational programs or community membership?

    Cohere For AI is a registered non-profit. We do not charge for participating in any of our programs, and are committed to supporting educational outreach programs, which include compute resources and infrastructure needed to participate in machine learning research.

  • Are you hiring for research positions or interns?

    Our full list of positions are listed here.

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